My Salary, My Secret




by Fred Sadia

Brian, staff accountant, at work at his desk

As the sun rises on the horizon, it’s another opportunity to give it our all at work; all the Ndoto team converges at their various offices one at a time, and with everyone glued to their desks, the job goes on. It’s all geared toward attaining the mission of the organization which is to educate, disciple, and develop at-risk families to pursue their dreams, glorify God, and transform their communities. Days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months. At the end of every month, my salary becomes my secret.

Not even the size of my shopping cart can let the cat out of the bag; but maybe the smile can give a hint. I have been working at Ndoto for three years and with that, I am obliged as a writer to give a personal testimony of the good things I have seen here. Some employers around here have a tendency of not paying the people who work for them, and at times can even harass or abuse their employees when they request their wage. There are so many reports of ruthless bosses, but it is totally different here at Ndoto. Every single month, we receive our monthly salaries three days prior to the end of the month, and that cannot be taken for granted.

The majority around here do not earn a steady wage, but toil for their daily bread and count what is in their pockets at the end of the day. For many of us Ndoto staff members, we have received our first ever paycheck here at Ndoto. And to think that this is for the privilege of discipling students – we are the most blessed.

With the envelope in my hand sealed, I cannot go further to divulge what Ndoto paychecks look like. We have heart-felt gratitude for the Ndoto directors who’ve always worked extremely hard to make sure that we are paid on time. Thank you so much to all the Ndoto sponsors for the sacrifices you’ve made so that we Kenyans who educate and disciple your students can always have our names engraved on shiny, white envelopes each month. May God bless you abundantly!

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