A Lot More Than Just Education




By Edward O.

Edward in 2010 showing off his love of soccer

My name is Edward, and I’m a Civil & Structural Engineer, thanks to Ndoto.

My story before Ndoto was quite a long and painful one. To summarize, I was a young orphan boy living with my grandparents. They did everything to take care of me. I went to a local primary school, but always struggled to get my basic needs like food, clothing, and even shelter. After my grandparents passed away, I had no one I could call family and no place to call home. I simply moved from one home to another, burdening people with my troubles.

I was accepted into Ndoto’s first class of 2010 as I was starting high school. When Ndoto came into my life, it gave me a lot more than just education. It gave me a place to call home, a family, friends, and dignity. It brought out the best in me, gave me back the hope I had lost, and above all, Ndoto led me to know about Jesus and His role in my life.

Edward in 2018, at 24 years old and a college graduate

During my 5 years at Moi University studying for my Engineering degree, I had this vision of how awesome and easy life would be after graduation. It was an exciting goal which made me work even harder in my studies. The first few months after my graduation turned out to be quite the opposite of what I imagined as I struggled to find a job. But after just a few months, God saw me through and He’s been faithful to me ever since. I’ve had internships with the National Housing Corporation and National Construction Authority, and worked for two different engineering firms, which took me to Nairobi, Eldoret, and Kericho. Along the way I’ve mastered not only CAD software but I’ve picked up computer programming languages too.

Now I love coming back to Obunga to encourage current Ndoto students. I’ve achieved a dream that seemed impossible not only to me, but to everyone who knew me. All the thanks go to God Almighty who used Ndoto to change my life.

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