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What is the right path to a career?

Keeping in touch with our alumni has been an inspiration to keep pursuing our vision for transformation. Motivation sometimes comes from tracking progress toward a goal, but how would Ndoto measure success? Some goals are not easy to measure.

Elvis joined Ndoto as a high school student in 2011

Graduating from college is a true victory, especially considering the backgrounds of our students, but it’s clearly not the end of someone’s story. Sometimes, just as in western countries, a college degree doesn’t turn out to mean the career that one thinks it does.

Meet Elvis, a former Ndoto sponsorship beneficiary who goes by the nickname Amecha. He graduated from Chuka University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. There are not many open jobs in Kenya, but Elvis was proactive, which is a key characteristic of success. He started learning about multimedia while still at school, having been exposed to acting and tech on campus and at church.

Now, four years after graduating, Elvis is an entrepreneur. He has established a small production company called Amecha Studios in Kisumu, where he does photography and videography work for clients. He credits Ndoto for coming through to help transform his life and rewrite his story.

For Elvis to switch careers is typical of a fairly large percentage of graduates of the Kenyan educational system. Elvis says that he has been able to use some concepts from Economics in his business operations, which has given him an upper hand over other untrained entrepreneurs.

Finding employment in Kenya is a path peppered with obstacles. Even armed with strong academic credentials, young people must work hard to find opportunities. Some find success by creating the opportunity themselves through entrepreneurship. Elvis is able to provide not only for himself, but for other members of his family and community. He is expanding his business network and creating even more opportunities for himself!

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