Retreating Like Royalty – Part One




The annual staff retreat from the female staff perspective… 
“I really want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the sponsors of the staff retreat. I got the opportunity to spend the night in one of the best hotels in Nairobi. This was my first time to be in such a hotel where most operations are automated. We used a magic card to operate the elevator, switch lights on and off, and open the doors.
The Ndoto female staff members enjoying the hotel lobby in Nairobi!
Another fun moment was that for this year, I celebrated my birthday in a very unique way while at the retreat. I received a big cake with candles all over it, I was sung to, and we all ate the cake. This was fun I tell you!
The climax was after we had escorted the Executive Director to the airport to board a plane back to Kisumu, she came back where we were standing and said, “Here comes the last surprise; we are all flying back to Kisumu!” Some of us did not believe her, so she pulled out all the plane tickets and said “If you don’t believe here are your tickets; tell whoever you want.”
There were different reactions of happiness, which included some of us calling relatives and friends just to pass the news to them that we are going to fly for the first time.  Some were taking photos of the ticket, and some were just imagining how it would feel to be up in the sky and be in Kisumu within 45 minutes.
The Ndoto staff getting ready for their first plane ride ever! 
When we finally got on the plane, I took a seat by the window and was very keen, monitoring every step the plane was going through as we were taking off. In the plane, there were moments l felt nervous, especially when I heard some loud noises outside, and thought it was a crash.
Thank God Michael was seated opposite me, and Allison right in front of me so I bothered them so much with questions.  They were gracious to keep on explaining what was happening until we landed in Kisumu. In fact, I remember at times I would close my eyes so hard because of fear and then Michael would be staring at me and laughing.
I loved everything that happened on the retreat. It was great fun. Thank you to those that made it possible.”
 — Judy, Ndoto staff member
“We ate delicious meals, went to nice stores where they sell pretty jewelry and even watched a movie in the theater.  Our hotel was very sassy, and it was a big surprise to go to the airport to drop off the Executive Director only to learn that we were also flying back with her.  I cannot explain how happy I was. Thank you to those who helped make it happen and wanted us to see the city from the sky.” – Susan, Ndoto staff member 


“The retreat was busy and full of fun. The most spectacular part of it was visiting various parts of the capital city, eating and sleeping in a well-renowned hotel, and coming together as an Ndoto staff family. To sum it up, it was incredible to travel back on a plane.” – Alice, Ndoto staff member


  1. Ashley Reed on November 23, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I love this! I wish I could have been there to see everyone’s reactions to the hotel and the airplane! What a sweet blessing to the Ndoto staff!

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