Retreating Like Royalty – Part Two




The annual staff retreat from the male perspective…

“We left Kisumu without any idea of our next destination, something I have never experienced before. When we arrived in Nairobi, everything was just as I would wish it. We checked into our hotel, and I realized it was no longer business as usual. The hotel staff and security gave us VIP treatment and our hotel room was elegant. We went on a frenzy shooting photos everywhere! Nobody needed to be told that I was extremely happy.  As if that was not enough, I think our tables were reserved with strict instruction to the Hotel attendants. Everything was just perfect.  I even attended the gym but failed to do serious exercise since I wanted to try everything.

Joshua, Fred & Michael. Ndoto’s male staff at the hotel.
Throughout the retreat, no one ever hinted that instead of taking an overnight bus ride, we were to board a flight back to Kisumu.  When it came to be, I was so surprised that for a while I was confused, bearing in mind I was an aeronautical student who never went airborne while in college. I was looking forward to the flight. Thank you to Ndoto and everyone who made it possible. You blessed us greatly”. 
Fred O., Ndoto Staff Member

We left to take Allison to the airport. She got out of the van and went inside the office for a moment and shortly came back with a surprise…tickets for all of us! I was so surprised when she gave me a ticket to board an airplane. I was really happier than ever before because it was my first time to go inside an airplane.  It was awesome! I was shouting inside the airplane but I was afraid of security so I tried to keep quiet. That day and that blessing, taught me something about hard work and team unity. I thank all those who donated money and my fellow staff in the USA working hard, and especially my boss and executive director. We love our beloved daughter, Allison. God bless her work and thanks to all.”
 – Joshua O., Ndoto Staff Member
Staff boarding the airplane for the first time in their life.

 “Our journey began at 9:00pm in Kisumu on an all night bus to Nairobi. We arrived at 5am and checked in at our hotel, which was very nice.
Our dinner was a historical moment for all of us. For many of the staff members, that was the first time in our lives to eat and talk at such a dinner table.  We shared stories from our past and how we did not imagine that we would ever be in such a place with such a job.  The staff took time to encourage one another to work very hard in the next year so we will see Ndoto grow stronger. We discussed how to reach our students, pray for them, love God well and be humble all of our days.
Later that day, we went to the airport to send our director back to Kisumu, only to realize that we were also flying back with her.  I was happy to have this opportunity with my fellow staff.  For me, it was not a surprise since I had planned it with the director.  I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to plan it and we did a good job of keeping surprises from the staff so they did not know what was coming next.  I praise God we managed to come through and everyone was so happy!
Michael and Susan getting ready for the flight.


I thank God and the Ndoto sponsors who made it possible for us to go on this adventurous trip.  Only people with hearts touched by God can provide such opportunity to people like us who serve the Lord at Ndoto! Not very many people get this opportunity to see Nairobi like we did.
Thank you to the director Allison Schlack, the team in the states, and the donors and the sponsors who partner with us.”
 – Michael O., Ndoto Staff Member


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    we thank God for his goodness

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