Ready to Repair




by Fred Sadia

Telling a story is nice, but telling a story of true resilience is sweet. Such is the beautiful story of a man who, after several years of challenges, is ready to repair. He is ready to patch up the broken past…. and broken vehicles.

It is a breezy Wednesday afternoon – the advantage of being in a town adjacent to a lake – and as usual all the Ndoto offices are occupied with staff who are ensuring that the mission and vision of Ndoto are attained. As I’m working, I hear a knock at the door. I raise my eyes and see Silas, an Ndoto student, and without hesitation I call him in.

I notice a big smile on his face and instantly know that he has good news for me. “Hello Silas, what brings you in today?” Silas boldly says, “I am ready to repair.” Though a little bit confused, I nod my head in agreement. As we continue with our conversation Silas explains to me that in two days’ time he will be graduating. For a moment I reflect on Silas’ life, and remember the goodness, love, and grace of God.

Silas was a young man whose hope was all but lost. His mom died while he was in his second year of high school and as such he dropped out of school because of lack of school fees. He opted to join bad company in Obunga until he met another Ndoto student in 2016 named Samuel who advised him to apply for sponsorship. From that point in time, the pages of his story were re-written.

Ndoto sponsored him to pursue a course in motor vehicle mechanics at an artisan level and he commenced his studies in May 2017.

It has been years of complete resilience for him. Silas also sells peanuts so that he can help out his dad and his other siblings; it is not unusual to meet him at midnight selling peanuts outside events within Obunga. It’s amazing how he can manage working until late in the night and then attend his classes and practical sessions. That is a heart of a valiant warrior.

One step at a time brother – you have made it, you are a hero and a champion! Continue fighting your way to success, go on mending your broken past, and be the best mechanic in town. Bravo, Silas!

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