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Frank is one of our college students who has overcome so much and risen above struggle to press on and reach his goals. You may remember us talking about him in our blog entitled Beautiful Redemption.  Below is a sweet update on his life from our Executive Director.

One Sunday morning, as I headed for church, I passed Frank, an Ndoto college student, and a friend walking. I stopped and chatted with them, and Frank said they were on the way to the hospital, as his wife was about to give birth at any moment.  I told him we would pray and to keep us updated.

As it turned out, she gave birth to twins! Frank texted later to say she had given birth to a healthy (albeit small) boy and girl. They were going to spend a day or two in the hospital and would head home soon. He was so excited for us to come visit once they got home.

A week or so later, I saw Frank walking, bags under his eyes, exhausted, and stressed. Keeping up with caring for the twins and their other young son is a bit overwhelming. Frank is in college, working part-time and helping his wife as best he can. I can’t imagine all they are going through, but their commitment to Jesus, each other, these kiddos, and doing things the right way as societal pressures mount encouraging them not to, inspired me.

As a staff, we jumped into action. We reached out to families with little ones asking for bottles, bibs, toys, bouncy seats, blankets, clothes, etc.… We sought donations for anything that would help – especially things that would keep one baby occupied or resting so mom can nurse the other. (Imagine two little ones joining a family of 3 in a one-room house!).  We took up a collection and bought diapers, lotion, soap, ointment and anything else we could think of that might bless them.

The day to visit arrived and Pastor Michael and I headed to their house with a bouncy seat (it plays music, gently vibrates AND rocks the baby all at once), clothes, toys, bottles, and supplies. When we entered the house, we saw Frank’s wife, tired but smiling. We prayed together and visited for a few moments. We gave them the gifts, and they were overjoyed! She was particularly excited about the seat, as she said she feels like she is nursing or holding a baby around the clock. After we talked, she held back the curtain that separates the bed from the rest of the house, and I saw these two beautiful, tiny, precious sleeping babies.

image imageimage


She picked them up and handed them to me, so I could hold them both at the same time. Then, they shared the most beautiful, and heart-warming news…the boy baby is named Michael and the girl baby is named Allison. We were speechless and so honored. I handed little Michael to Pastor Michael, and we got pictures – tons of pictures. We prayed for each of their little lives. We prayed that God would reveal Himself to each of them, that He would draw them close, provide for the family, and bless them with futures and purpose their parents couldn’t even imagine.


When we said amen, we looked up to find tears rolling down Frank’s cheeks. He said those are his prayers for his children – that they will know God, pursue their dreams, love others and continue to break the cycles of previous generations. He also said the gifts and BOUNCY SEAT gave them hope of some sleep and the encouragement they need knowing people love and care for them and are praying for them!


We can’t wait to celebrate little Allison and Michael with the rest of the church soon! Praise God for the growth and beauty of the ever-expanding Ndoto family!

Here is an updated picture of the twins! They are now 2 months old and happy and healthy!


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