Destination Discipleship




When you sponsor a student through Ndoto, you’re not giving just an education. Sponsorship also includes discipleship. Since we put a value on taking students to college, if their grades earn them a spot, that means we have students spread literally the entire breadth of the country. How can we achieve our discipleship goals for students who are nearly 500 miles apart?

This year, our sponsorship team divided up regions of the country, hosting regular online video meetings to check in on a small group of college students and encourage them. Then, in March, they scattered to visit each region in person!

Haddah reported back that they tackled the topic of Christlike character in Eldoret. Tobias, Clinton, and Becky went to Nairobi and connected our many students with each other so that they can help each other share the burdens of campus life. Samson visited students from Kakamega to Kisii and found the joy of feeling cared for written on the faces of the students. College students from Kisumu, our city, out to the border of Uganda had a deep conversation about stress management. Mercy reported that the students she met in Western province shared beautiful moments of vulnerability.

It’s clear that these visits are significant in building a positive attitude as our college students press on in their classes. From long, deep conversations to the treat of some good food, these visits help provide emotional, spiritual, and social support, which are every bit as valuable as the financial support that also comes with sponsorship. Being in college is hard, especially when it’s far from home. Even our staff pushed through long hours on poor Kenyan roads in tight public vehicles, finding a level of empathy with these students!


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