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If Ndoto students simply become well-educated adults, then we have not succeeded in our mission.
Ndoto students praying for a young boy
Ndoto students have an opportunity to participate in a weekly ministry where they are learning to serve and minister to others. A local child correctional facility has been offering a Saturday afternoon time slot to Ndoto for over a year so that our students can pray and encourage the youth there.
“We felt at first that we have had students who have gone through so much, but not to this degree,” Ndoto staff member and pastor Michael said when reflecting on his first few visits. “Now we hope that we encourage them that when they go back home from the cases that brought them here, they are able to dream again.”
Sharing with the young boys
It’s a perfect example of what Ndoto is instilling in the students who are in our sponsorship program. They are carrying the same message to others that was given to them when they received a second chance at an education. Moreover, many Ndoto students have heard the Gospel for the first time in our program, and here they have the opportunity to learn to share that with others. Now many of the youth look forward to Ndoto’s visit each week. “They have someone who loves them very much, beyond any man, and that’s Jesus Christ,” Michael shares, “and now we have some who have given their lives to Him.”
Sharing with the young girls
This ministry has not just been about giving hope to boys and girls in this correctional center. We are able to watch our students learn and grow and can see who is gifted and called to areas of service. “So in wanting to invest in the kids from the correctional center we have the opportunity for our own students to also grow in their faith, relational skills, listening skills, and serving others in the community,” says Michael. Several have even gone on to study issues related to criminal justice in college.
Our Ndoto students have been loved and invested in, and in this ministry, they have the chance to do the same for others.

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