“I love you guys…and I am here for you!”




by Moses Ondeche

I had an opportunity to visit two of our new students in a school within the city, Robert A. and Chrispine O. at Kisumu Day High School. Chrispine is an orphan, and Robert only has his mother, who is rarely able to make it to visit him. They were not expecting me to visit, so that filled me with excitement as I got to the school! Little did I know that I would be plunged in over my head when class teachers wanted to meet with me and go through their academic achievements and weaknesses.

As the teachers were sharing their in-depth analysis of Robert and Chrispine’s classwork, I couldn’t help but think of my wife and our baby, and I was full of joy that I get the chance to love and care for my students as Christ loves me – so much as to make me His hands and feet!

When Robert and Chrispine came in for lunch, all I could say is, “I love you guys,” despite being on their own when visits and academic days pass by without a visit from family members. “I love you guys,” despite fears of the future and what life brings as all they see is hopelessness back home. “And I am here for you!” Those were my closing words as we finished lunch and they went back to class.

I could see a smile on both their faces, and I am glad that they are on the right track!

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