Ndoto Academy

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Ndoto Academy exists to train and empower young people to study hard, learn themselves, think critically, and build solid relationships. Our students will develop their unique gifts and calling and do their academic best. Along Ndoto Academy's parent organization, Ndoto: For Africa's Future, our mission is to educate, disciple, and develop students to pursue their dreams, glorify God, and transform their communities.

Ndoto Academy is a private Christian school in Kisumu City at Obunga Estate off Kondele Airport road. Registered with the Kenya Ministry of Education, Ndoto Academy offers Competency Based Curriculum. While the parent organization offers sponsorships for bright and needy students, Ndoto Academy is a tuition-based private school and requests for sponsorship are handled by the parent organization separately.

The parent organization, Ndoto: For Africa's Future, has been operating within Obunga and the surrounding regions since 2009, and Ndoto Academy launched on 25th April 2022 with 43 students in three ECDE classes. Ndoto Academy intends to launch one new grade level per year up to Grade 6.

Please contact Ndoto Academy at (+254)791-613-880 or visit us in Obunga Estate; 300 meters within from Kasarani Junction. Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM. We are closed on weekends and on public holidays.  Find us on Google Maps.

Core Values

Hard Work, Diligence, Integrity, Honesty, Discipline, Teamwork

Levels Offered

Play Group

Pre-Primary 1

Pre-Primary 2

Grade 1

Grade 2 (beginning January 2024)

School Staff

Elizabeth Adhiambo

Lower Primary Teacher

Anne Awuor

ECD Teacher

Lilian Akoth

ECD Teacher

Teressa Hayo


Susan Mandera

Interim Headmaster

Erambo Naphtali

Lower Primary Teacher

Sylvia Vuguza

ECD Teacher

Ndoto Academy Features

Pastoral Programme of Instruction (PPI)

Ndoto Academy offers a well-structured program every Friday which is conducted in the adjoining Ndoto Community Church sanctuary from 8am to 8:30am. In this program we train our students in memory verses, Bible stories, poetry, painting, and colouring. This is consistent with Ndoto's values as a Christian institution. Students of all faiths are welcome at Ndoto Academy.


Ndoto: For Africa's Future received a private grant in early 2022 to install one of the nicest playgrounds in Kisumu within the compound. It quickly became a very visible symbol of Ndoto Academy in the community and upon seeing it, many children insist on being enrolled in the school! During recess time and after school, students are allowed to play on the playground.

Computer Lab

In late 2022, Ndoto: For Africa's Future received a private grant to install a computer lab. In a private air conditioned room, Ndoto Academy students learn on a set of 25 new Chromebooks. Through play-based learning, students learn how to operate the latest technology. The computers are touchscreen but also have a keyboard, ensuring that students learn both methods of operating technology.

Campus Security

Ndoto: For Africa's Future takes the security of Ndoto Academy students seriously. The compound is secured within a fence and is secured by a guard 24 hours a day. All visitors to the compound, including Ndoto staffs, must sign in and out, and members of the community are not allowed near the students during the school day.

Lunch Programme

Ndoto Academy offers a morning porridge time as well as a lunch break every day. Students get a well-prepared and diverse daily menu in the dining hall.

Rules and Regulations

Respect others and all school and individual property.

Attend school regularly.

Report to classes on time.

No student will be allowed to leave school early, except in cases of emergency or being unwell. Such leave shall be granted on the discretion of the school Principal.

Practice personal cleanliness, hygiene, and neatness at all times.

Come to school wearing the correct school uniform, which should be neatly cleaned and ironed.

Keep the school clean at all times. Litter must be disposed of in the dustbins provided.