Apply for Sponsorship

We welcome applications for sponsorship once per year.  The process will ordinarily begin several months before the start of a new school year, and the new students will be posted well before the new school year begins.  Ndoto is looking for students with high academic potential as well as high financial needs.  We welcome students from all faiths and backgrounds but ordinarily give priority to students from within or near Obunga.  Ndoto is able to sponsor students from PP1 through undergraduate university.  College and university students may be required to contribute portions of their own support.

Application Dates

Applications For The 2024 School Year Are Closed At This Time.

Applications are typically available in February or March of each year.

Application Process

Advertisement is made prior to the commencement of the issuance of application forms

Forms are issued in person only at the Ndoto office in Obunga at a nonrefundable fee of KES 100.

Forms must be returned before the stipulated deadlines with all required documents attached. These attachments may include prior report cards, letters of recommendation, a current photo of the student, and others as determined.

Processing of forms will begin immediately, followed by shortlisting of candidates.

Some candidates may be visited in their homes by Ndoto staff members.

The final shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by the Ndoto staff in the office with parents or guardians present.

Only successful applicants will be notified of their admission into the programme.

For questions, please contact Susan Mandera at, call, or visit the office.