Community Initiatives

Ndoto Sports Academy

Seeking to develop and grow young bright boys with an interest in football from the community of Obunga and the city of Kisumu in their football skills and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Principles

The fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge. Discipline is paramount for great success. Commitment to God and training. Work hard to lead where you are. Obedience to authority is important all the time.

Ndoto F.C. was launched as a talent creation and nurturing avenue where young boys and girls and the youth in Obunga slums and even beyond can be involved in football as a way of growing them into professional athletes.  Currently, the academy has professionally signed a team coach and also signed 30 boys and 15 girls of different ages and team groups.  The vision of the Ndoto Sports Academy is to grow and nurture the talents of these young people with the aim of making them professional athletes in the future.  The team currently trains at Obunga Breweries grounds.

Ndoto Gym

The Ndoto Boxing Gym exists to help people live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit while promoting boxing in Obunga.

About the Ndoto Gym

Clinton Otieno started the gym in 2020 in an open field when people couldn’t gather indoors due to the pandemic.  So many people were coming to lift weights and stay active that the gym was born as an official business of Ndoto.  Weights were poured from leftover construction concrete, workout equipment was purchased and donated, and two small buildings on the compound were renovated into Obunga’s first gym.

Ndoto Boxing Gym’s goals are to bring people together, to make Ndoto and the community bond through sports, to become a self-sustaining business, and to help attendees know Christ.

The Gym offers aerobics, weightlifting, and boxing.  The Gym is open 6am to 6pm each day for an affordable price per entry.  Boxing classes are Monday through Friday from 4pm to 6pm and the charge is 20 shillings per person.

Ndoto Library

The Ndoto Library exists to help students achieve their academic goals by creating lesson and revision plans, providing books and materials to assist studying, and forming study groups so students can challenge and learn from one another.

About the Library

The Library was formed in 2019 when Ndoto realized the need for a community study space.  Students were often coming to the office just to find a quiet and peaceful place to study, but most students didn’t have their own textbooks.  Now that the Library has provided over 200 books to aid in studies, students are able to stay sharp academically even on school holidays.  Students are clustered into groups according to their classes.  The groups usually have timelines of at least two hours.

The Library is available to all Ndoto students, staff, Ndoto Community Church students, and various community members at no cost.  The Library contains most of the books from the Primary and Secondary school academic curriculum as of 2021.  The Library also contains various Christian spirituality books, novels, and different versions of the Bible for study.

Ndoto Alumni Association

All graduates of Ndoto who successfully completed their courses and graduated either from Form 4 or from different colleges, universities, and vocational training centers in Kenya are by nature part of the Ndoto Alumni Association.


Currently our alumni are increasingly growing every year and our job as an organization is that we have managed to produce students of different professions: teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, and many others.  Due to the nature of their work and being that they are located in different parts of the country, we have grouped them into regions.  We currently have alumni in Kisumu, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kakamega, and Eldoret.

The main aim of having these groupings is to help us follow up with them and also for easier accessibility of alumni especially into regions as this will also help us engage the alumni into our developmental programs as an organization.

We will be instituting a structure of leaders and communication for alumni in the future and may from time to time be hosting gatherings and events for alumni.