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$30 Gift to Ndoto’s Coronavirus Efforts:


The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. With the entire nation of Kenya on strict stay-at-home orders, some in our community are struggling to access daily needs. Our team has identified a number of households that are especially vulnerable, either because of existing health problems, age, or disability. These households desperately need food, both because it’s becoming more challenging to find and because they need to be extra careful about going out at this time. We’re putting together $30 bags of food that should supply many of their needs for the next month. Because of our longstanding relationships with the community, people have been turning to us rather than outside help in this crisis, and we can meet the need.

To provide the number of food bags we need and continue to support our monitored hand-washing stations that we’ve set up around the community, Ndoto urgently needs to raise $2,500. So far, our donors and Board have provided $1,500. Ndoto only does major fundraising drives once a year, so it’s only in rare emergency situations like this that we reach out for specific gifts to meet a specific need.

How many $30 bags of food are you able to donate to keep a vulnerable family indoors while we pray that this virus passes the crowded slums we work in?

$30 Gift to Ndoto’s Coronavirus Efforts:

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