Evans Goes to School




Sometimes people ask us how we help their students succeed in school. Local public schools in Kenya are often poor, but Ndoto loves being able to send students to boarding schools when their grades qualify.

Evans with his luggage

Why boarding schools? Kids growing up in slums may have many factors limiting their success in school, such as proper nutrition or space to study at home, and they may be pressured to work by their family rather than study. Others are simply orphans and have no good home to go to.

For these students, boarding school is the right option. Evans is one of these students. After his parents got divorced 3 years ago, he has been facing a lot of challenges at home. His excellent score on recent 8th grade exams, however, showed that he had a lot of potential.

Joshua, the Ndoto leader who guides Evans, says, “Today Evans was in smiles all the way to boarding school through Ndoto support.” We are confident that he is going to be extremely successful at school this year! Click the image below to watch him thank his supporters!


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