Black Panther and Potential




By George Ochieng

I had an opportunity to watch this movie last month, with themes cutting across leadership, kingdoms, betrayal, unexploited potential, cultural diversity, and more. They have this special mineral called Vibranium that everyone covets and are fighting over because of its diverse abilities. According to the movie, it is believed that the mineral was deposited on Earth 10,000 years ago by a meteorite. The metal is capable of absorbing waves and other vibrations thus it is used to make things like armor and weapons. In the movie, the mineral is used as healing agent as well.

King T’Challa with his love interest, Nakia, who is played by Lupita Nyong’o, a¬†Luo Kenyan whose father is now Governor of Kisumu County.

The movie follows a character named T‚ÄôChalla who, after the death of his father the king, returns home to a land called Wakanda. People¬†had much hope in his leadership, believing that he was going to offer a better leadership than his father. This was an assumption that¬†didn’t pass the test of time, as one of the aides of T‚ÄôChalla openly tells him that there is no difference in his leadership as compared to his father‚Äôs. Being that the setting of the movie is Africa, it does portray a very positive reality where there¬†has always been assumed to be inability. However, the factors that have always made African countries lag behind in terms of development are also noted, such as bad governance.

The movie clearly portrays that despite the fact that Wakanda has this special mineral, its utilization is still limited, and some people¬†believe that if the mineral can be¬†better utilized then they can offer support to other countries. Now this is what makes Ndoto: For Africa’s Future an outstanding organization. Just like the treasure that is found in Wakanda, Ndoto: For Africa’s Future realized that there is a great potential that lies in the slums. That if the youth could be taken to school, they will be able to change the slums as they will be in a position to come up with ideas that are implementable that can help counter the challenges being faced in slum areas. Specifically, where the Ndoto office is located (Obunga slums in Kisumu), students barely make it to high school. This has so far changed and right now¬†many are achieving university education courtesy of Ndoto.

Students from the slums around Kisumu have enormous potential!

Many students graduate with degrees and are coming up with ideas that now help improve some of the challenges in the community. Because Ndoto believed in helping improve the living standards of the slum dwellers using what was already available to them, we have seen education and discipleship result in success. Though there is a problem with leadership of the country just like in Wakanda, equipping many young people with education is one of the best ways to bring up a new generation that can come up with fresh ideas on how to solve the problems that their country and communities are facing.

As Vibranium, just like the hearts and minds found in many rural places, has¬†vast capabilities, it can be utilized to transform the world and make any place better to live in. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and indeed Ndoto: For Africa’s Future is making those steps. You can help enhance the process of this journey of transforming and improving the lives of these students by becoming part of Ndoto: For Africa’s Future. Just check out the students waiting for sponsorship – that sponsorship taps their potential like T’Challa and his family begin to utilize Vibranium!

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