Can Anything Good Come From The Slum?




At our high school and college retreat in April, one of our new students, Bonface O., signed up to perform a poem at the talent show.  It was a powerful moment full of gratitude, reality, hope and a deep reflection of what our ministry means to students.  After he finished his poem, he went on to encourage the students to stay close to the Lord no matter what struggles might come their way. We are honored to have Bonface and so many others like him in our program.  Below are the words written out, as well as a link to a video of Bonface’s performance. Enjoy!

Bonface’s Poem on Vimeo

Can Anything Good Come From The Slum? Prepared by: Bonface “Major” O.

How concerning? How caring?
How daring are you almighty God?
To remember unable, disabled children Like us!
And erase, eradicate, the stainful, dingy, dirt from us!
Chokora, they call us!
Can anything good come from the slum?
YES! Ndoto has the answer.

Meeting all precious persons along the slum
Politicians, pastors, teachers, potters, paragons and business men.
Dressed in suits and silvery ties.
Just to abuse and ambush us.
No food to eat, no bed to sleep, no clothes to wear or even shelter.
But God forgot us not.
Can anything good come from the slum?
YES! Ndoto is an example.

Do you know a slum boy?
Eating from the dust bin.
Wearing torn, tattered clothes and earrings.
With a big dirty sack on his back.
Abusing all kinds of drugs and substances.
Can anything good come from this boy?
Yes! It has happened at Ndoto.

Thanks to God for Pastor Michael Omondi and Ms. Allison
He gave them a vision and mission to rescue us.
In great faith, they embrace us the way we were.
Gave us food, gave us clothes, gave us shelter and education.
Thanks to brother Joshua and Ms. Susan… Mama Bon and Judy
For your constant support to Ndoto fraternity, may God richly bless you.
Can anything good come from the slum?
Yes, brother Syllabus (Fred) has witnessed.

We were hungry! But today, we are full to the brim.
We had no clothes to wear! But today, we are lilies of the field.
We had no place to rest! But today we have found a home at Ndoto.
Can something good come from the slum?
For this far the Lord has brought us.
For a good number of years, the Lord has shielded us.
Better is not good enough, and the best is yet to come.

Prepared by: Bonface “Major” O.


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