Sponsorship FAQs

“What exactly does my sponsorship donation pay for?”

Sponsorship pays for the education and discipleship of the Ndoto students. Specifically, it covers mandatory school fees and necessary expenses such as books, uniforms, and supplies, and graduation fees. It also covers their overall welfare, included in our holistic discipleship program. We look after their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even social wellbeing. This includes things like retreats, Christmas parties, basic medical care, our Kenyan staff, and more. Our staff provides personalized care to all of the students. 100% of sponsorship donations go to Kenya.


“How does Ndoto handle so many students at once?”

In accordance with US tax law, all sponsorship donations go into a distinct fund, which is only for sponsorship expenses. We cannot track donations directly to individual students. Expenditures for individual students vary widely, and the amounts given as sponsorship levels are averages that ensure all students are cared for appropriately. We also maintain a cushion to ensure that students stay in school and in case of sudden emergencies.


“What do I do if my student contacts me directly?”

Please notify a member of the Ndoto US staff before responding. We highly value your privacy. Therefore, we tell our students not to contact their sponsors directly. Please remember that English is our students’ third language and thus there is a high chance of miscommunication. For example, we once had a student graduate from high school and our sponsor wrote that they would always support her. We love the sponsor’s intent but the student took that to mean that they would always receive financial support. The policies that we have at Ndoto have been designed over a decade of doing this work and represent both our sponsors’ and students’ best interests. For the students’ long-term development we have learned that we need to be an intermediary. Please do not attempt to contact your student directly.


“If my student is not in school for any reason, what is my donation going toward?”

Ndoto students may be out of school for a variety of reasons, including normal holidays, teacher strikes, temporary issues such as illness or family emergency, or normal transition between high school and college. During these times, we need sponsors to keep donating because our staff is still working with the students, especially when they are at home. Our discipleship program never stops. Additionally, all schools require the entire semester’s payment up front, so we average the entire cost over 12 months and save up for it. Schools also do not issue refunds, so if a student misses class or the teachers go on strike, Ndoto still has to pay.


More questions? Email us at info@ndoto.org.