The Ndoto Journal



Ready to Roll

by Fred Sadia

Next week, Kenya has a one-week school break. Every time our students come home, Ndoto becomes their first stop. We always prepare everything ahead of time for them to find a perfect place to chill out with their friends and to study. The Ndoto Library is one such space. The students enjoy coming here regularly to pick out a book of their choice and just read. They also spend time learning from one another and sharing the experiences they’ve had in school.

Maryanne at a youth camping event

Since its inception in 2019, the Ndoto Library has proven to be of great worth to the academic life of the students. The students who spend their time at the library during school breaks produce exceptional results on their exams. One such student is Maryanne, who is one of the best performing students at Ndoto. She spends most of her time at the library when school closes, and that has been of great worth to her. Her mom brews alcohol for a living, and as such she constantly gets distracted by the chaos at home brought about by drunkards making noise. She has posted exemplary grades over the past year with constant improvements in her class ranking. She is definitely headed towards her dream of being a doctor, thanks in part to the opportunities available at the Ndoto Library.

The book donations that Ndoto receives from its partners have gone a long way in helping the students gain knowledge. The library has over 200 spiritual and academic books available. Most of these books are very expensive and the parents can’t afford to purchase them at the bookshops. The Ndoto Library is the only operational resource like this in the Obunga slum and as such it has been a great help to the students from the community. The Ndoto team is currently looking at ways of improving the status of the library so as to accommodate even more students. But for now, we are ready to roll, prepared to host the students for another exciting journey in the field of academics, ready to empower them to dream for themselves through the power of education.