The Ndoto Journal



Glad to Have You!

by Fred Sadia

In the ruins of the slums lie beauty. Within these shanties lie hidden treasures. Every year Ndoto searches for and finds brilliant young girls and boys and welcomes them into our wonderful family, giving young people the chance to dream for themselves.

The Ndoto sponsorship program has been a blessing to so many families within Obunga and its surroundings. You can see it in the resounding joy successful applicants express when they see their names on the final list of students. For the Ndoto team, the application process is a time to listen to the stories of hardship that families go through every day. Some of these stories humble us completely, and at times we wonder how they maneuver through life like this.

One amazing story stood out to us this year. Kelly is a high school student who applied for a sponsorship this year. Kelly loves soccer and started playing back in primary school as a goalkeeper. In one of his matches, an opposing player accidentally hit his jaw, knocking out some of his teeth and creating a permanent gap in his smile. Kelly says he loves smiling, but his classmates laugh at him because of his missing teeth. “At times I feel pained when people mock me but then I just remind myself that their laughs don’t diminish me,” he says.

We are glad to have you, Kelly! Welcome to the family of Ndoto, a place where you will be showered with love and respect. Kelly dreams of being an engineer, and we know without a doubt that he will make such a great one. He also dreams of being a responsible father to his future family. It pains him seeing his mom raise him singlehandedly without the help of his dad who spends most of his earnings on alcohol. “I want to be a better version of my dad,” Kelly says.

He is among 42 other young, brilliant students with amazing stories who get the opportunity this year to join the Ndoto sponsorship program. We are glad to have all of them join us and we can’t wait to see them pursue their dreams.