The Ndoto Team

Team Members

Allison Schlack

Founder & Executive Director

Allison Schlack grew up in Carrollton, Texas, and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University and a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary. She loves to travel, is trying to learn Swahili, and enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her nephews, Riley and Logan. She has been back and forth to Kenya since 2003 and has lived permanently in Kenya since 2011. Although she misses home and has seen her first grey hairs, she is grateful for the work of Ndoto and the life God has given her in Kisumu alongside 250+ of her favorite young people. Allison is currently living and working in Kisumu, Kenya.

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“Combining the advancement of the gospel with social justice is my life goal—that holistic development where you’re helping people’s physical needs and spiritual needs.”


Alice Ayoo

Kenyan Staff Member

Alice is our resident Obunga expert, having lived in the community since 1964. She is a single mom who raised two extremely bright boys who are now in college and sponsored by Ndoto. After many jobs from being an illegal alcohol brewer, to a security guard, to a room attendant at a hotel, Alice is now the staff member who takes care of our youngest Ndoto students in lower primary school. She makes sure that their school fees are paid, that they have all they need for their education, and also teaches them about the love of Jesus and how to know Him.

"I believe that all that has happened in my life is the Lord's doing, and I am grateful. When Ndoto offered me the job, I was so delighted and am even still in shock. I am blessed to be able to give back to Ndoto after they have given me so much in sponsoring my two sons. I love my job working in the Ndoto office with the staff and students."

Gail Bell


Gail grew up in Oregon and attended the University of Oregon. She made her way to Texas through her long career in tax and accounting. Now she says she will never leave. Gail retired in 2018 and immediately began serving Ndoto as an accountant in her newfound free time. She is blessed with a wonderful family and friends and thanks God for all he has given her.

"God is always working in your life. About the time I thought I was retiring from many years in the tax and accounting field a good friend introduced me to Allison. She offered me an opportunity to work with Ndoto and here I am. So looking forward to this. What a wonderful organization."


Susan Mandera

Kenyan Staff Member

Susan was born in Maseno, Kenya, but grew up in Kisumu and attended Huma Girls Secondary School before attending college. She now lives in Nyalenda, a slum in Kisumu, and lives in a small house with her sister and three cousins who she takes care of. She manages Ndoto’s accounting in Kenya. Susan went through a training program hosted by missionaries to receive counseling skills to help students through trauma and other life issues. She passed the course with straight A’s.

"I love working at Ndoto because I get to meet so many people and know how to help them. I also work hard to make sure that I encourage students to be productive people in the future. God gives us the grace to minister to students no matter how difficult the situation is."

Christi Melton

Sponsor Coordinator & Stephen Minister

Christi was born in Odessa, Texas and now resides in the Land of Enchantment, Ruidoso, New Mexico. Christi was commissioned as a Stephen Minister at her church in 2003. Serving in this capacity has allowed her to walk alongside many people through their darkest hour and remind them of the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Her greatest passions are listening to people's life stories, watching documentaries, reading, exercising, and disco dancing. Christi is the Sponsor Coordinator for Ndoto and enjoys seeing the relationship between students and sponsors grow as they send their letters back and forth. She also volunteers as a Stephen Minister during her time in Kenya to help our students work through deep hurts and pains.

“In June 2006, I had no idea what kind of an impact my first mission trip would have over my life. After touching Kenyan soil for the first time, my life was forever changed! I inherited a Kenyan daughter and heard from the Lord that serving in this community was my life's work. Experiencing life in Obunga shifted my very being. I learned how to need less, give more, and serve with my whole heart, no matter what the cost physically or emotionally.”


Joshua Odhiambo

Kenyan Staff Member

Joshua is the first ever tuk tuk (three person motor taxi) driver in Kisumu, Kenya. He is married to Emily, and they are the proud parents of Mike and Michelle. When Joshua first met Allison Schlack, Ndoto’s Executive Director, she told him about Jesus, and he gave his life to Christ. Since then, he has worked for Ndoto, first as a driver and now as a mentor to our youngest Ndoto boys. He loves being part of Ndoto and says it has been used by God to grow him spiritually to a place where it is a joy to know Jesus.

"First, Ndoto made me to transform spiritually to know God. I never even took my time to read the Bible, but now I discipline myself to know Jesus Christ. It is my joy. I have gained more experience learning how to work to change communities like Obunga."

Brian Okeyo

Kenyan Staff Member

Brian was born in 1995 in the Obunga slum. During high school, he was frequently forced to stay home from school due to a lack of school fees, until in 2013, Ndoto accepted him as a student. Ndoto cleared all his outstanding fees, invested in his university education, and above all mentored him to grow up as a young man who embraced the word of God. He is a 2018 graduate of Masinde Muliro University with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce - Accounting, and joined the Ndoto team a year after graduating.

"I am more than grateful to the Ndoto family for believing in and investing in me as a student at a time when I wasn't seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and above all for entrusting me with an opportunity to serve as part of this amazing group of people toward positively impacting the lives of those in Obunga and beyond."

Michael Omondi

Kenyan Staff Member (Pastor)

Michael is a former Ndoto-sponsored student who was raised in Obunga with his four siblings. He is a proud alumni of Kenya Highlands Evangelical University, where he studied theology. He was able to be the first in his family to receive a diploma from a university. Michael now has his own home and keeps an open door to students in need of a safe place to stay. Known to the students as Pastor Michael, he works with our older boys as well as teaching Bible study on Sundays to all Ndoto students. Pastor Michael loves serving, helping the sick, preaching the gospel, and walking alongside our students through life.

"My life has been transformed by the coming of Ndoto to Kenya, especially, since 2003. The difference can now be observed, as I am walking in the middle of the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that together with the staff here, we will walk together with students who have no parents or only single mothers, and we will hold hands with them as God is fashioning them to be like his Son, Christ the Lord, and giving them big dreams.”

Moses Ondeche

Kenyan Staff Member

Moses Ondeche was born to John and Prisca Ondeche in the coastal city of Mombasa, in January 1990. He has has lived in Kisumu since he was a young boy with his parents, two brothers and two sisters. Moses grew up living and experiencing the love of Christ through the babies at New Life Home, a safe haven for abandoned babies, where his parents have worked for more than 10 years. He studied project management in college, and has a lot of experience doing ministry. Moses is working with and mentoring our older Ndoto boys. He loves seeing people's lives changed by the power of the gospel. At the end of 2016 he married his best friend, Brenda.

"Since college, I have had two jobs, but none of them compare to the excitement and fulfillment that Ndoto brings. Living and serving with the babies at New Life Home developed in me a passion and desire to serve people and to see the transforming power of God’s love. That is where Ndoto derives its life source. I am honored and excited each day to be part of a family that loves, honors and touches lives in ways only God can."

Tobias Onyango

Kenyan Staff Member

Tobias is an Ndoto alumnus who was born and raised in Obunga. He is also a proud alumni of Amboseli School of Hospitality and Tourism where he studied tour guiding and administration. Tobias now has his own family - one loving wife and one handsome son. He is the second in the family to attain a Diploma at college level, and for that he gives thanks to God for bringing Ndoto into his life. He has recognized the dire need to serve people, give back to the community, and most importantly to know that God loves him and everyone else in Obunga. Tobias has served Ndoto in a variety of ways, from maintenance and security to leading worship at church.

"God had a plan for every experience growing up, even when I was down and almost giving up. He sent Ndoto into my life in 2006. Transformation in my life has been in stages and it's by the grace of God that I am here. Having been given the chance to serve at Ndoto I look forward to sharing the word of God with other people and using the little I have to serve others. Working with Ndoto is all about serving people and giving back to the community."

Fred Sadia

Kenyan Staff Member

Fred was born in 1994 in the Obunga slums to a polygamous family. At a very young age his parents separated and since then he has never experienced the joy of being with a dad but by the grace of God he had a strong loving mom who strived to offer him the very best. Upon his graduation from high school, Fred was lucky to be chosen as an Ndoto student and he says that the organization enriched him both spiritually and intellectually. Fred is now a proud alumni of Ndoto after graduating from Kenyatta University with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry in 2017. Shortly thereafter he joined the staff to continue giving back!

"I thank God for the lovely Ndoto fraternity through which continual mentorship helped me discover who I was, what I loved, and the gift God gave me. Thus I seek to use that very gift to bless the life of others in Obunga and far beyond."

John Seale

Director of US Operations

John has lived his entire life in Texas but has a vision for the world. He is a member at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Carrollton, Texas, where he grew up involved in mission work in 4 countries, including his first trip to Kenya in 2006. He has been involved in ministry in Kenya ever since, including serving as Ndoto's first volunteer business manager. After 8 years working at a local community development organization, John joined the Ndoto team officially in 2017. He has a business degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Katie, who is a worship leader at Prince of Peace, and son Daniel, who was born in July 2016.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to go to Kenya in 2006...I already had a very busy summer planned and didn't have a paying job so I told a spiritual leader in my life that I thought it was too much. He told me, 'Never deny God the opportunity to stretch you.' I signed up, raised the money, and my life was changed. That trip turned into seven, and then into my full-time job. It's amazing what the Lord will do when you aren't even expecting it."


"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor..."

Board Members

  • “The work Ndoto does in offering young people an education, an opportunity at a better life, and raising them up to be followers of Christ is something that I give thanks for daily.”

    Richard Ray

    Richard is a retired television journalist who anchored and reported at KDFW-TV, the Fox affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, for 36 years. He's moved on to a second career as an actor and writer, through Linda McAlister Talent, one of the top agencies in Texas. Born and raised in Minnesota, he and his wife, Catherine, have been involved in mission work in Africa since 2004, and were part of the Ndoto dream before it became a formalized nonprofit effort. He and Catherine are faithful sponsors of Ndoto students and have been heavily involved in business development in Obunga. The Rays love to travel and explore the natural beauty of God's creation and have now been to more than 50 countries around the world.

  • “I am passionate about helping people help themselves, especially those that happen to be born into poverty. We need to help “break the chains” that keeps them poor. What better way to do this than to provide a quality education and a Christian community? My dream for Ndoto is that through education, the sponsored children will have a future, get to help others in pursuing their dreams, and most importantly, experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

    Richard Cockcroft

    Richard and his wife, Jane, who live in Dallas, both grew up in South Africa. They have two grown children who live in the Dallas area and are proud grandparents to the best grandchildren in the world. Richard loves to travel and is a wonderful cook. We like to call Richard our “African American” board member as he was raised in Africa and is now a naturalized American! Richard works at Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Richard says, “Technology is a great enabler, even in the heart of Kenya’s slums there are cell phones everywhere and even the occasional Internet café!”

  • “Being involved with Ndoto is so important to me because I know that my family is helping change lives in a slum in Kenya by supporting two students to go to school. These students, in turn, will make a difference in their community in ways that I personally cannot do. Also, I love how Ndoto guides the students with Biblical truths that will challenge their spiritual lives to grow closer to God.”

    Roxane Malecek

    Roxane was born and raised in Minnesota but is very happy to be in Texas with her husband of 43 years and to live near her two grown daughters and their husbands. Being a math teacher for many years and having lived in two third-world countries gives her a heart for participating in a foreign mission involving education for underprivileged children. Roxane is currently the Admissions Director at a private school, which has many international students. She volunteers as a Stephen Ministry Leader at her church, leads a Moms in Prayer International group, and enjoys doing some administrative duties for Ndoto stateside. Her hobbies include sewing, quilting, doing large jigsaw puzzles, and visiting with friends and family.

  • "Even from my first days in Kenya, I knew that God was changing the direction of my heart, and that my first trip would not be my last. Over the years, I have had the privilege of bonding with a group of precious preteen girls, learned a little Luo (their tribal language), and been given the opportunity to use my medical background to serve the people of Obunga. I treasure the friendships that have grown; I have been blessed beyond measure."

    Dr. Emily Sloan

    Emily grew up in Houston, Texas. She completed her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University and went to medical school at The University of Texas-Houston. She came to Dallas to complete her residency at Children’s Medical Center and is now a pediatrician at Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic. She volunteers at local schools near the clinic by sharing the importance of education and medicine. Emily also serves as a board member for LINC North Texas and is involved in her church’s missions department. Previously, she has focused on Hispanic outreach and was very involved with outreach in Guatemala. She took her first trip to Kenya with Ndoto in 2010 and was captivated by the people and their great need. Since that first trip, she has become a frequent traveler to Kenya, a sponsor, an advocate, and a board member.

  • Ken Towe

    Ken was born and raised in Iowa but found his way to Texas Christian University (TCU) where he met his wife Janet and has been a Texan ever since. He and Janet have been married 37 years and have 4 sons and 2 grandchildren. Ken spent his career working in finance for Lockheed Martin until his recent retirement. Ken has passion for giving people in need a hand up. He works in the food bank and delivers meals for Metrocrest Services, mentors a young man through the Big Brother Program and stays active in his church. He sees Ndoto as tangible proof that you can transform people and even a community through the providing of educational and job opportunities and a sharing of the Gospel.