Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ndoto mean?

Ndoto – pronounced (In-Doe-Toe) means “dream” in Swahili. We are dreaming for Africa’s future by seeing forgotten slum communities transformed from the inside out. We educate, disciple, and develop young people to make their dreams a reality, glorify God, and use their gifts to transform their community.

Does Ndoto own or run a school or an orphanage?

No, Ndoto runs a sponsorship program in which we recruit sponsors to pay for the schooling of accepted students from the Obunga slum and Kisumu area to attend local Kenyan schools and be exposed to the gospel.

Why are there different sponsorship levels?

Since we have students in our program ranging from kindergarten to the university level, there are different needs, requirements, and costs at the various educational levels.  Some students attend day school because of their location, family circumstances, grades, or age. Some students attend boarding school if their grades qualify, if they have a particularly difficult home life, or are orphans. We aim to send students to boarding school when they are older so our primary students are home with their families as long as possible.

Student Sponsorship

Is my student at day school getting a lesser education than a boarding school student?

No, we make sure that all of our students go to schools where they can learn well and have their needs met.  We evaluate students’ home lives, academics, and personal development and then decide what kind of school they need to be at.  While some of our students do not have a safe environment at home, many of them do have a home life that is acceptable and families that love them but simply cannot afford their school costs. Each student attends the school that best suits his/her individual needs.

How long is the commitment to sponsor a student?

We are committed to see our students complete their education. For some students, this may mean finishing high school or vocational training, while others may go on to a university. While we understand that difficult life circumstances happen, we ask sponsors to make a long-term commitment to sponsor their student and hope they build a lasting relationship with him/her.

What percentage of my sponsorship money goes to my sponsored student or to programs in Kenya?

100% of funds raised for Kenya go to Kenya.  We raise general and administrative funds separately from sponsorship contributions.

*Financial records coming soon…

How is Ndoto different from other sponsorship organizations working in Africa?

*We know the students in our program personally and aim to meet their needs holistically– physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

*We share the gospel while meeting their immediate needs of education and offer counseling, mentorship, and discipleship to our students.

*Students from the kindergarten to the university level can apply and be accepted to be sponsored.

*After Ndoto students finish their education, we seek to ensure that they find jobs or start businesses to be able to support themselves and their future families. 

Can I come visit Kenya and the work of Ndoto?

Absolutely! We love having visitors and always welcome anyone who would like to come see what God is doing in Kenya through Ndoto.  We partner with Gofan Safaris to help you have a wonderful experience and not only see the work of Ndoto but also the beauty of Kenya on safari. Read more about Vision Trips.